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Support Number for issues

Do you have an issue with HPA that you feel is not being addressed in the manner you expected from us? Then please call our SUPPORT HOTLINE: 800-472-5896

We strive to give each and every one of our customers a 5 star experience. If you feel that our employees have not given you this level of service; we want you to call our Executive Team at the phone number above. That phone number goes to our Executives. If they are not able to pick up, then please leave a detailed message and they will get back to you to address your issue. We promise you a response within 24 hours (on business days).

Calls that are received at that number are treated like a 911 call. It tells our Executives that our team members’ failed in some way, shape or form to provide our customers with the service that they deserve. Executives analyze the breakdown of service that was provided: evaluate, reprimand, and terminate accordingly to ensure that our customers are treated with best-in-class service on each and every encounter.

Understandably, in most case, people who are unhappy are far more motivated to voice their displeasure on social media first before reaching out to the Executive Team to ensure that they get the service that they deserve. We want the opportunity to fix an issue first and the only way we can fix it, is for you to let the Executive Team know by calling our Customer Hotline Number first.

Now, if you are happy with our service, please do us a favor and post a review. We all know that it is easier to get an unhappy review than it is to get a happy review simply because when we are happy, we just go on with our lives. Therefore, we do ask that if you are happy with our service to take 2 minutes out of your day and let others know.

As with any business, we get our fair share of fake reviews from fake homeowners which are typically competitors lodging fake reviews to push down our ratings. Unfortunately, the only thing we can do is make a comment on the review indicating that we have had no interaction with the fake reviewer. Our CRM system tracks every interaction we have and a simple search on our system proves that we’ve had no interaction. Please take these fake reviews with a grain of salt. There isn’t much we can do about it but take them to court to stop their actions.

With that said, we have had a 2.4% increase in complaints from actual customers letting us know that our communication with them has not been up to their standards. Everyone at HPA wants to apologize to each customer who has felt this way. Please know that we are working hard on improving our communication with our homeowners and are finalizing the roll-out of new technology and processes to increase our transparency and communication.

One remedy that we are finalizing is a customer portal that will allow customers to log in and actually see what is being done on their project in real-time. We know that once you can see all the work that is going on behind the scenes, it will quell any anxiety that a customer may feel regarding their project status.

Here are some outstanding issues that HPA (and every company) is dealing with:

Global Supply Chain Issues
Our manufacturer states that we will have X product on a specific date. We let the homeowner know the ETA and then the manufacturer had to push back the delivery date because of supply/labor issues after promising an earlier date. We try our best to let our customers know this as soon as we are made aware of it. Does our communication make the delay any better in the eyes of the homeowner? Maybe. Maybe not. But, please know that we are not the only company suffering from this. Pretty much every business is affected by it in some way. Delays on supplies are simply a part of life right now. We are not happy about it either.

National Worker Shortage
Again, these are not small issues and most everyone is aware of this but, sometimes they forget that it applies to the businesses serving them. We have several important roles at our company that have had openings for longer than we like. If you know someone that is in need of employment and is a customer centric focused individual then please, send them to our job listings found here.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused but, please know that the last thing we want to do is disappoint our customers. Believe us, we care and are working hard every day for you.

We are excited to inform you that we have moved to a new location! Our new address is: Home Performance Alliance 11399 16th Court N, Ste 100 St Pete, Florida 33716. We thank you for your continued support.