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Off-Season smart buying

Combine our deals and really save!

Most industries have an off-season and the window and door installation industry is no different. Our peak season is during hurricane season when everyone is worried about storms. With good reason. But we do business all year long. So during the Winter and Spring months it can be pretty slow. Especially during holiday season. But when it is slow for us is when it is smart for you to buy. 

  1. Best Deals
  2. Lowest Stress on Supply Chain
  3. Best Installation Availability 

Right now it is the “off-season” for the impact-resistant window and door installation industry. It is smart to buy now because we are offering extra incentives and, you can even combine certain incentives to not only save more money but take advantage of opportunities like 24 month delayed payments and interest.

Do the math. It is not uncommon in Florida for an electric bill to be $350 a month. If you save 40% on that it is $140 per month in savings on your electric bill. If you delay your payments for 24 months that is $3,360 in electric savings before you even start paying for your windows!!!

*Someone smart with money might take that money being saved and put it in savings and draw interest for two years and when it is time to start paying on the windows that “found” money can be used to either start making payments, or you can use it to reduce your principal. Either way you come out ahead. 

  1. More Safe and Secure Home
  2. Protected When Hurricane Season Arrives
  3. Save Money
Here are the off-season benefits we have going right now. 
  1.  Free Installation on 5 Windows or more!
  2. No Payments, No interest for 24 months.

So right now you can get free installation and you can delay your payments with no interest for 24 months!

*Home Performance Alliance is not a financial advisory company in any way and this should not be considered financial advice. 

We are excited to inform you that we have moved to a new location! Our new address is: Home Performance Alliance 11399 16th Court N, Ste 100 St Pete, Florida 33716. We thank you for your continued support.