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HPA Services - We take care of everything, you just sit back & relax

5 Star Installation Crews

Relax, chill don’t worry about a thing, we’ve got it all covered. This is what we do. Literally, we have our own crews that do that work so it is all one company you are dealing with. We do not use sub-contractors.  From start to finish you just sit back and watch our expert installation crew transform your home from drafty & noisey to comfortable & quiet. That first night of sleep is where you’ll really notice the difference. When you lie in bed and notice you don’t hear all the activity in the neighborhood. 

We work diligently to provide the fastest turnaround in the area, from the signing of the agreement to the completed installation.  We also deal with all the aggravations like if you have a HOA and the permitting process with your local building department. 


Couple sleeping peacefully after HPA windows

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5 Star Quality Products

One of the most important things relating to how a project turns out is simply, the materials you use to make it. That is why at HPA we do not cut a single corner.

As a homeowner you should know that typically your caulking needs to be checked annually. You need to walk around the house and look at all the caulking joints related to your doors and windows.  When it begins to fail you need to replace it. Most caulking you find in your home improvement store lasts a couple years at best.

That means every couple years you need to replace it to make sure you have a good seal. This prevents not only your climate controlled air from going in our out but moisture. Moisture which is far worse because it can rot the wood framing around your windows and destroy your home from inside the walls.  


At HPA we use OSI Quad max for sealing all the window & door joints with the framing. This isn’t just any caulk. This is a specially formulated sealant that has a 10 year warranty. 
OSI Quad Max sealant on HPA Jobs

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5 Star Double Life-Time Warranty

HPA offers a Double Life-time Warranty. Because we offer the best Impact-resistant windows and we have the best installation crews that work for us and we use the best products down to the sealant, we offer not only a life-time guarantee but a double-lifetime warranty.

As much as we love our homes, sometimes life requires a move or maybe it’s time to downsize. You can pass on your HPA Life-time  Warranty to the next buyer increasing the value of your home at no extra cost!

Bought a home with HPA Double Lifetime warranty

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5 Star Service

No Regrets Remodeling!

The fact is that most remodeling jobs run to snags and if you asked most homeowners that have been through it they will tell you it is not a good experience. A fair amount have to hire a different contractor to come in to complete the job in the manner expected. 

At HPA we offer No Regrets Remodeling meaning that we will work tirelessly to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your project or we will do whatever is necessary to make you happy. We guarantee it. 

Happy Homeowner with HPA windows & doors

Step by Step Process:

So that you know what to expect, here are the steps that all of our HPA family members go through to insure a smooth project. 

In Home Consultation

One of our experts will have an appointment with you and assess your current windows, go over the options for you and educate you on the product we offer. 

Site Inspection

After the initial consultation we then dispatch our Project Manager for your project who will double check the measurements and to completely review the job for the installation crew. They will look for things like leaks, mildew, cracks and any deterioration. They take photos and document the job and even provide lead testing if necessary. 

Financing & Permitting

At HPA we we help homeowners just like you not only protect their biggest investment but improve it too! We offer simple, flexible financing solutions. Our plans make it easier to budget for the home improvements You need when you want them.

We also take care of all the proper permitting for your project. We do everything the right way, the way it is supposed to be done the first time.  

Professional Installation

If there is one thing we get the most feedback on it is our installation crews. The team that comes out to your home and installs your new products. We consistently get 5 star reviews for their professionalism and courtesy.  

Permitting Inspections

One of the last steps is for the local governmental inspectors to approve of the installation. It isn't just our crews come in and knock it out. This type of project is permitted and reviewed by the local building inspector. 

Installation Completion

Some of the final work has to be left undone so that the building inspectors can see how the work was performed. Things like trim and plus are left out for their convenience but need our final finish and trim expert to visit the project one last time. This is when the trim is put on and any stucco repaired and painted to match. That is important. When we leave that final time there is nothing left to do. Even the paint matches! 

We are excited to inform you that we have moved to a new location! Our new address is: Home Performance Alliance 11399 16th Court N, Ste 100 St Pete, Florida 33716. We thank you for your continued support.